Our science

Our Approach

Our approach to drug discovery for kidney disease is to start with patients and understand the mechanistic base of and the underlying biology behind renal failure so we can restore renal function.

We are applying a dynamic, systems-based approach to understand disease and develop breakthrough medicines for both rare and prevalent forms of kidney disease. This entails utilizing interconnected approaches to study and validate targets and produce medicines directed to the kidney.

Our medicines target specific cells in the kidney called a podocyte, which is involved in the majority of renal diseases and is dysfunctional in all forms of CKD and AKI. Podocytes have also been proven to play a critical role in improving proteinuria, which is the leakage of protein in the urine and a buildup of toxic metabolites in the body’s circulation commonly associated with kidney disease.

By restoring or preserving podocyte function, we aim to make diseased kidney tissue healthy again.

Our Team

Our team has collectively brought 8 products from concept through regulatory review

Our team has published over 200 papers in leading scientific and medical journals

Our founders are renowned KOLs in podocyte biology who discovered and developed pathways for over 15 years

Our Targets

suPAR is a novel inflammatory biomarker that connects the kidney to the innate immune system. Elevated suPAR levels inflame kidneys leading to proteinuria and kidney disease. By inhibiting suPAR, we can reduce kidney inflammation and improve renal function.

Dynamin is a complex enzyme that rebuilds podocytes and the base structure of the kidney. By activating dynamin, we aim to improve podocyte health and reduce proteinuria.